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Buying Procedure

The way is the one you feel safer, as there are 3 options in general terms to buy a property in Turkey as follows:


a) After deciding what property to go for, a sales contract will be drawn by the parties where it will include the deposit paid directly either to the agent or owner/builder (the deposit can be refundable when stated in the contract), and general conditions of the sale such as payment terms and building specifications. A copy of the sales contract and title deed & the approved (by council) plans of the property, as built plans, location maps taken from the land & property registration office (and other neccessary papers if needed like debt free receipt from council for resales) will be explained and handed to you

b) Right after signing the sales contract you will be guided to the public notary where you will receive a power of attorney to hand to the agent to be able to carry the purchase procedures on your name. A copy of the sales contract will be attached to copies of your passports to (or just 1 passport: it depends on how many names will go on the title deed as Turkish title deeds can hold up many names) be submitted to the Turkish army who will apply a security check on your names, the property location and approve to your purchase. Another power of attorney will also be handed to the agent to be able to draw the money from the bank (your account - next step) All paper works will be explained to you by a sworn translator in the public notary

c) After notary we'll guide you to open a bank account in your name, inwhich you can easily transact money to, as your stage or final payments (according to the contract). After each payment as well as the deposit you will receive a Payment Confirmation Paper signed and sealed by either the agent or owner

d) After 12 to 15 weeks the approvals will arrive from military and you need to be present at this stage when we will guide you to the land & property registration office in Fethiye Council where the transfer of the deed will be completed within an hour.


a) A power of attorney can be prepared by the local public notary to assign a local lawyer for your purchase

b) He/she will sign the agreement on your behalf and follow the above procedures and explain the title deed & the approved (by council) plans of the property, as built plans, location maps taken from the land & property registration office (and other neccessary papers if needed like debt free receipt from council for resales) and hand you a copy of these officially sealed by him/herself

c) He/she will officially prepare paper report regarding the sale inwhich can always be used in case of a disagreement


a) You can assign British solicitors who will contact their Turkish partners and act as above


Starting from the land;

One of the options which more than half of the buyers in Turkey go ahead with is buying their desired land and then starting a project on it. Therefore we would guide our client around the available lands in the mountains or near to the sea areas; seeing the official deed of the land the buyer will be sure about the sizes of the desired land. After deciding to go ahead for a specific land of their desire the buyer can choose a type of villa from our projects to be built or can bring their own project to be approved. The buyer and Seaside® will draw a Building Contract between themselves where Seaside® is referred to as Builder. The contract will include all technical specifications of the villa/home. The payment will also be arranged according to the buyer's plans as in installments paid upon completion of the walls, roof, etc. The buyer will receive photos every week to be able to track the construction work. The villa/home will be completed from 6 to 12 months after signing the contract.


The buyer will be guided to different projects where the construction works have reached to certain levels. The buyer will study the plans, will be shown a show house if available and will decide. The buyer can also ask for small modifications and choose their own style of ceramics, fittings, tiles, colors and etc. The payments will be arranged according to the buyers plans to complete the payments latest by the completion of the house/villa when the title deed will be ready as well. All details will be stated in the contract.

Ready Made;

Seaside® has selected the best properties in this region prior to the proportion of their quality and price. Of course one other major important point is that Seaside® selects property not older than 6 (six) years. Therefore a resale property in our lists is meant to have been built by the new construction regulation declared by the government (1999) which secures better construction methods and material. As soon as the buyer enjoys one of resale properties shown, we would bring out all documents and all past records of the house registered in the council as well as water and power administrations to show our client that there is no debt recorded on the property. After signing a sales contract Seaside® will ensure title deed transferring procedures as well as other paper works to be carried out.